How To Improve: Turn a Weakness Into a Strength

January 25, 2010 · Comments

There are always going to be areas in our lives that could be classified as weaknesses. Whether this is the absence of a certain skill, a knowledge area that we know little about or a literal physical weakness, each of us surely have some realm in which we’d like to improve

For the longest time, this area of weakness in my life was my total lack of physical fitness. I was grossly overweight, had zero stamina at anything requiring more than a trip to the kitchen and was headed on a path of health problems. For me, turning this weakness into a strength took more than simply looking at things in a new light. It is hard to spin obesity as a strength no matter how creative you get. To convert a true weakness into a bonafide strength will take some work. A lot of it, in fact. But it will exponentially improve whatever aspect of life it relates too.

Identify what you’d consider your weak points. For me, this was all too obvious. I was overweight and totally out of shape. My physical fitness was my weakness. What is yours? It doesn’t necessarily have to relate to your health. It literally could be anything in any aspect of life. Maybe it’s a source of sensitivity in your life. Think about the last time someone said something to you that really stung. Chances are they hit upon something that you’d consider a weakness whether they meant to or not.

Work really hard to correct/remove this weakness. Depending on what you believe your particular weakness to be, this may be difficult. However, in regards to fitness and weight loss it was fairly easy, at least academically. I did everything in my power to take the single biggest area of failure in my life and turn it around. I made conscious efforts at eating better. I introduced regular exercise into my life. I kept track of everything to see if progress was being made. I basically put a ton of effort into actively flipping this area of my life from a weakness and source of shame into a strength and a source of confidence.

Two Birds. One Stone. By spending time and effort turning a weakness into a strength you should notice two very important occurrences. One: you no longer have to waste mental energy stressing over what used to be a weakness. You won’t have to compensate for this particular item ever again. Huge weight off your shoulders, right? Two: another benefit is that you now have a whole new area of strength to draw confidence from. If you successfully stayed with your efforts and saw them through, no matter how long it took, you now have an entirely new source of pride in your life. Think about this for a moment. This two-point swing can have a very powerful affect on your life. Imagine the thing you are most ashamed of being turned into a source of pride. That is a pretty strong image isn’t it?

Now that you have converted your biggest weakness into a strength, search your life for another area that is bringing you down. Repeat this cycle and your life will consistently improve with each step. Take note, however, that your life will never be perfect. This world is simply a broken place. But consistently working at improving your life, one area at a time, will allow for increased strength and confidence in whatever you do. It’s the process of continual improvement that really makes all the difference in our lives.

The only fatal thing is to sit down content with anything less than perfection.” C.S. Lewis

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  • Michelle Mapfeka


  • Per

    "It’s the process of continual improvement that really makes all the difference in our lives." It's so true. You should learn and develop as long as you live, both on an intellectual and personal level.

  • Interesting distinctions. I would also add spiritual level. thanks for contributing!

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